Ray C Horn

Python, Docker, Security and Microservices
  • Python Auto-Installer for Ubuntu 20.04

    Delivering Python-based tools effectively often requires ensuring the right version of Python is installed on the target operating system. This article introduces a handy bash script designed to automate the installation of Python 3.9 on Ubuntu 20.04. [Read More]
  • Poor Mans Crontab Monitor

    Crontab jobs are essential for automating tasks in Unix-based systems, but monitoring them can be a challenge, especially on a tight budget. This article provides a straightforward and cost-effective solution for monitoring crontab jobs, ensuring they run smoothly and efficiently. [Read More]
  • Hey, Tweepy Please Don’t Verify No Certs!

    Working with Twitter’s API using Tweepy in Python can sometimes lead to unexpected SSL certificate verification issues. This article delves into a creative workaround for bypassing SSL certificate verification in Tweepy, ensuring your Twitter bot remains functional without unnecessary interruptions. [Read More]
  • Custom os.environ for Python 3.9.2

    In Python 3.9.2, customizing the built-in os.environ for enhanced functionality, like handling lists for values, opens new possibilities for developers. This article explores the creation of a custom os.environ that can handle lists, showcasing the flexibility of Python as a programming language. [Read More]
  • Ubuntu 20.04 Base Image Builder

    The creation of a base image is a critical first step in building a customized and efficient cloud computing environment. This article introduces a streamlined process for creating a base image for Ubuntu 20.04, particularly designed for ARM-based virtual machines on AWS. [Read More]