Ray C Horn

Python, Docker, Security and Microservices
  • Flask, FastAPI, and Django — the Three Webs

    Exploring the integration of three popular web frameworks — Flask, FastAPI, and Django — this article discusses how they support the Dynamic Pluggable Microservices Framework, showcasing the versatility and efficiency of these tools in web development. [Read More]
  • Flask and FastAPI together, at last!

    The evolution of web frameworks is a testament to the ongoing innovation in the field of web development. This article highlights the development of the “Dynamic Pluggable Microservice Framework Lite” for both Flask and FastAPI, showcasing the seamless integration of these two popular Python web frameworks. [Read More]
  • AWS Credentials Parser using Python 3.9.2

    Exploring the nuances of AWS credential management, this article discusses a Python 3.9.2 script for parsing AWS credentials files, demonstrating the simplicity and efficiency of Python in handling such tasks. [Read More]