Ray C Horn

Python, Docker, Security and Microservices
  • Self-Training Machines

    The pursuit of true machine intelligence often leads to the question: Can we build machines that teach themselves? The idea of self-training machines is not only fascinating but also pivotal in the evolution of Artificial Intelligence. [Read More]
  • Self-Configuring Parsers — Machine Learning?

    The art of parsing data into columns is a task often undertaken by computers, but what if we could automate this process further using machine learning? This concept not only simplifies data management but also brings a new level of efficiency to data parsing. [Read More]
  • Poor Mans KVM — Homelab Builds

    Homelab enthusiasts often face the challenge of managing multiple computers with limited resources. The concept of a ‘Poor Man’s KVM’ emerges as a practical solution, enabling efficient control of multiple systems with minimal hardware. [Read More]
  • Let’s Automate all that CRUD!

    After mastering the automation of REST API deployments, the next logical step is to tackle CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) Automation. This article delves into how Python’s functional programming, coupled with a robust REST Framework, can revolutionize CRUD operations. [Read More]
  • Dynamic DNS for Windows

    Windows users seeking to establish a robust homelab or server environment often face challenges with dynamic IP addresses. The solution? Dynamic DNS (DDNS) – a powerful tool for maintaining continuous internet presence even with a changing IP address. [Read More]