Creating a Pliant-Like Platform with Dynamic Pluggable Microservice Framework

Creating a Pliant-Like Platform with Dynamic Pluggable Microservice Framework

The quest for efficient DevOps automation has led to the rise of platforms like Pliant, which offer low-code or no-code solutions for automating various processes. This article explores how you can build your own Pliant-like platform using the open-source Dynamic Pluggable Microservice Framework.

The Dynamic Pluggable Microservice Framework: A Versatile Solution

The Dynamic Pluggable Microservice Framework, optimized to run in Docker and Kubernetes (k8s), represents a leap forward in simplifying and streamlining the creation of automated platforms. It is designed to engage and support users through a community-driven approach, with enhanced support available under sponsorship packages.

Building Pliant Integrations with Ease

Using the Dynamic Pluggable Microservice Framework, you can create Pliant integrations as deployable files, transforming each integration into a REST API. This microservices-based approach allows for flexibility, scalability, and the ability to version your APIs thanks to the framework’s inherent support for API versioning.

Simplifying Workflow Creation

Creating workflows becomes straightforward with this framework. A workflow in this context is essentially a series of REST API calls, integrated with logic to transition from one step to another. The framework’s ease of use enables both DIY approaches and professional engagements for more complex implementations.

Reducing Project Complexity

The guiding principle of the framework is to reduce complexity into manageable features, building up functionality from a robust core. This core functionality, already developed and tested, serves as a reliable foundation for further customization and expansion.

Leveraging DevOps Automation

At its heart, the goal is to facilitate DevOps automation. Whether you’re looking to automate routine tasks, streamline complex processes, or integrate various tools and services, this framework provides a flexible and powerful foundation for your needs.

Engaging Professional Support

For those seeking to fast-track development or tackle more complex requirements, professional support is available. Engaging with experts can provide tailored solutions and accelerate the development of your custom platform.


Building a Pliant-like platform is within reach using the Dynamic Pluggable Microservice Framework. Its combination of flexibility, scalability, and community-driven support makes it an ideal choice for those looking to innovate in the realm of DevOps automation.

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