Revolutionizing DevOps: The Creation of a Dynamic Kiosk in 13 Days

Revolutionizing DevOps: The Creation of a Dynamic Kiosk in 13 Days

This true story unfolds over 13 days, a testament to the power of skill, determination, and advanced technology in the realm of DevOps. It chronicles the development of a DevOps Kiosk using Python 3.10.x, the latest Django, and the Dynamic Pluggable Microservice Framework Lite, showcasing a journey of innovation and efficiency.

The Emergence of the DevOps Kiosk

The DevOps Kiosk, minimally functional and highly efficient, stands as a symbol of modernized infrastructure management. It allows users to manage their assigned EC2 Resources, helping reduce the cost of infrastructure by idling resources during non-working hours.

User Management Simplified

With features like user registration via email, password changes through secure links, and a pluggable system for application integration, the Kiosk simplifies user management to an unprecedented degree, making it reusable for various applications.

Integration and Expansion Potential

The Kiosk’s potential for expansion is vast, with possibilities for adding Azure and GCP kiosks and a REST interface. This versatility highlights its capability to adapt to different cloud environments and needs.

Scalability and Security

Addressing scalability, the Kiosk can incorporate MySQL or MariaDB, and for larger scales, an RDS database. The REST Microservice Interface boasts built-in security, enhanced by temporal encrypted tokens for cross-validation between servers.

REST Interface: The Heart of Flexibility

Fully pluggable and stateless, the REST Interface of the Kiosk is a marvel in itself. It offers alias-hidden API endpoint functions and modules, promoting security and ease of scalability.

Docker Builds and Multi-Tenancy

The application and REST servers are securely built using Docker, with 100% pluggable API modules via a mapped volume. The REST Interface’s multi-tenant design paves the way for a SaaS platform, where each tenant can deploy their own REST APIs.

The Path to a SaaS Offering

With ongoing work, the DevOps Kiosk could evolve into a SaaS offering, turning DevOps into both a product and a service. This evolution signifies a major step forward in automating and streamlining DevOps processes.

A Record of Achievement

In just 13 days, the Kiosk was built, tested, and deployed, marking a significant achievement in software development. This story is a testament to the capabilities of human intelligence and technology in harmony, setting new benchmarks in the DevOps domain.


The development of the DevOps Kiosk illustrates how innovative approaches, coupled with advanced technologies like DPMSF, Python, and Django, can lead to remarkable efficiencies in DevOps. This journey reflects the endless possibilities in the realm of software development and infrastructure management, inspiring future advancements in the field.

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