The DPMSF Revolution: Streamlining Microservices with the Dynamic Pluggable Microservice Framework

The DPMSF Revolution: Streamlining Microservices with the Dynamic Pluggable Microservice Framework

The Dynamic Pluggable Microservice Framework, now known as “DPMSF,” represents a significant leap forward in microservice deployment and management. This article explores the transformative impact of DPMSF, particularly in the context of its new lightweight Docker container deployment.

A Slim Docker Container for Rapid Deployments

The latest development in DPMSF includes a slim Docker container that is less than 500 MB. This container facilitates rapid deployments of the DPMSF for both ARM64 and X64 architectures, marking a milestone in efficiency and accessibility.

Proprietary vs. Open Source Versions

While the public Open Source version of DPMSF remains free and accessible, the proprietary “DPMSF Lite” version offers a streamlined experience. This exclusive version, available under a suitable support contract, includes all necessary components for running DPMSF without the bloat of additional, unnecessary features.

Serverless MongoDB and User Management Integration

DPMSF Lite boasts built-in support for Serverless MongoDB, enhancing database management and scalability. Additionally, it integrates user management via a companion container known as the “kiosk,” simplifying the deployment of Django Apps and user management processes.

Revolutionizing User Management and REST

The integration of the kiosk with DPMSF Lite exemplifies the framework’s commitment to eliminating repetitive coding. With built-in support for user management and RESTful interfaces, developers can deploy these functionalities indefinitely without having to redevelop them for each new application.

EC2 Resource Management

The kiosk also supports the management of EC2 Resources, allowing for efficient use and cost management of AWS resources. This functionality enables users to start/stop their EC2 resources as needed, aligning with a cost-effective idle policy.

Personalized Development under Support Contracts

DPMSF offers opportunities for personalized development under support contracts, catering to the unique needs of various organizations. This approach allows for the addition of bespoke functionalities tailored to specific organizational requirements.


The Dynamic Pluggable Microservice Framework, or DPMSF, is revolutionizing the landscape of microservices with its efficient, streamlined, and feature-rich framework. By offering both open-source and proprietary versions, along with robust support for serverless databases and user management, DPMSF stands out as a versatile and powerful tool for modern microservice architecture.

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